Mini Club in Morocco

Zoe and her new friend Justine from Brittany
Mini ClubZoe-Pascale met some great little girls, Luna and Justine, and we ended up spending a great deal of time with their parents eating meals together and trading off watching the kids play as they ran freely and happily around the club. The mini-club opened from 10-12 and 2:30-5:00 kept the kids busy for most of the day with fun activities. On one day, Zoe-Pascale and her new best friend Justine went on a �ballade� to a nearby Arab village in which they visited a home and were served Mint tea and freshly baked bread from the oven. As Zoe-Pascale exclaimed afterwards, �and next door to the house lived the cows and chickens!

 On their way home it had started raining and the monitor from the mini club was smart enough to hail down a tractor for the wet kids and tractored their way back to the hotel as they were delayed in getting back to the hotel in time. I�m not sure if we knew ahead of time of the specifics of her local village visit, we would have thought it was fine as we got many warnings about not eating the local foods or drinking water or hanging out in villages to avoid turista or worse fates, but all turned out fine and Zoe-Pascale enriched with her stories of her local experiences.In the evening after dinner, the monitors led the kids in a mini-disco dance on the stage for everyone to watch.


It was a delightful and exciting time to watch for the parents, as the kids bonded and had so much fun learning the dances. By the end of the week the kids were quite good dancing and were singing their hearts out while the parents applauded enthusiastically.Bottom left picture is a tired Zoe-Pascale with her Henna Tattoo on her hand and arm. 534125-500933-thumbnail.jpg
Mini Disco every night

Suzanne Saxe-Roux