morrocco prof photos.jpg A VISIT TO MOROCCO (MAROC) Feb 2006Marrakesh, Maroc: Combining our goal for traveling the world during Zoe-Pascale�s vacations, seeking warmer weather, and off course a kids mini club in which Zoe-Pascale could play with friends her age, we landed at the Paladien Club at the Kensis Oasis in Morocco in February. In our research for vacation spots, we discovered that Nouvelle Frontier offered all inclusive vacations (like Club Med) and at lower cost to destinations in Africa and the Middle East. Once there, the tradeoff was evident, the club was not as upscale and offered with fewer activities. However, for our budget it was perfect as we could do two trips to different locations at decent value. As it turned out, we were able to combine a few days of relaxation by the pool and spa with visiting spellbinding sites and Arab villages in Marrakesh and the surrounding areas.The club we stayed at is located about 15KM outside of Marrakech. It is surrounded by the austere flat Moroccan desert sprinkled with rocks, palm trees and Arab villages all around. The guests were primarily French, or from Francophone areas and French was the major language spoken both inside and outside of the club in addition to Arab or Berber. I have to admit in many situations the conversation was over my head and Jean had to interpret the details and cautions that people spoke of in being a safe tourist in Morocco. 
Suzanne Saxe-Roux