To be perfectly honest, if you have:

  • Friends who will spend hours listening to you without telling you to go find a coach or therapist
  • A partner or spouse who will consistently and lovingly help you problem solve roadblocks and obstacles to meeting your dreams
  • A support network of people who will encourage you constantly and tell you the truth in a way that is useful
  • Someone who asks you great questions that spin your head into new ways of thinking
  • Total self-motivation to go it alone and build your dream
  • Been successful in meeting your goals and creating your dreams and are right on track

You probably don’t need a coach.



Then there are most of us, who find our friends, family, and support network are great cheerleaders but don’t have the time, energy, or ability to coach us to success.

Any great athlete, needs a coach to push them along, help them see their potential and overcome obstacles. There is not an Olympic athlete, a senior executive, a master teacher or a great artist who has not used a coach to help them reach their goals. So why do we think that to reach our highest potential, to go after our life dreams, to create a change and new lease on life we can (or should) do it alone.

Coaching seems like a luxury to many of us. The idea of investing in ourselves after University is not the norm. We're smart, we are educated, we pay for expertise in areas of finance and health care, and professional training. However, when it comes to seeking expertise and coaching to design our life, we fall short.

Think for a minute, if you were training for the Olympics (which you are with your life) would you go it alone? Would you be able to sustain the effort that is needed? Would you be able to achieve your goals without a supportive coach to question you, spur you on, and encourage you to keep on moving forward.

At different times in our lives we are motivated, focused, disciplined and committed to a clear goal that drives us on. We are surrounded by supporters who possibly act as coaches when needed. At other times, we are drifting without a clear direction, not knowing which way to turn and what actions will support our life purpose and goals.



If you have been wrestling with an idea for awhile without any substantial movement, maybe it’s time for a coach.

If you are struggling to find someone who will give you the time you need to move through the actions it is going to take to meet your goals, maybe it is time for a coach.

If you want to change, transform or make a leap of faith to create your dream lifestyle, maybe it is time for a coach.

If this transition you are in is life shaking and you know things have to change, maybe it is time for a coach.

If you are tired of spinning your wheels, maybe it is time for a coach.

If you want to create your dreams and change your life sooner than later, it is definitely time for a coach.

If you want to successfully create the life you want, your chances will greatly improve with a coach.


We guarantee you will be surprised at how you feel, how much you grow, and how much you are able to achieve.


Next year, don’t ask yourself, “Where did the year go.” Get a coach now…