Cafe Lyon


A major shift to living healthy and with joy is to live in the present moment. EASIER SAID THAN DONE!!! 


Living in the present brings total joy and at the same time is extremely difficult.

One minute I have it and then it is gone. My mind wanders and before I know it, my thoughts latch on to something from the past or the future.

Over the past couple of years Jean and I have been purposefully practicing living in the NOW with some gains and many setbacks. What we have learned is the more we push, force, and persist, the more resistance we get, small or big.

Everyday we seem to get tested with worries about the future and complaints about the past. But today and this moment is all we have and usually when we stop to think about it, it is pretty perfect.

We've been reading Eckhart Tolle's book, The New Earth; Awakening to your Life's Purpose and listening to Oprah in her webcast with Eckhart about being present, living in the now and detaching from the ego. Watching them in action brings the teachings to life. It's a fantastic gift she is giving the world and her webcast is highly recommended (go to to download the webcast).

It appears, much to our dismay, that our ego's primary purpose is to do what it takes to be wanted, recognized (in good or bad ways), applauded and to find ways to feel important and superior to others.  It is all about thinking, what we could have done, would have done, should have done or should do or will do in the future. All of this leads to the same place of being in the past or the future, but rarely in the moment. 


Today, our 8 year old daughter came home for one of the infamous French two hour lunches. After eating (much too quickly) Jean and I were sitting on the patio and talking. In walks Zoe-Pascale and asks us to play Uno (a card game). Both of us looked at each other and were thinking we should start working (being in the future). Luckily we were satiated enough, the sun was shining, and her smile brought us back to remember once again what is truly important - being in the present moment - especially with her.

Ten minutes later we were laughing and yelling UNO and being with her, truly being present with her. As we completed the game and she got ready to go back to school, she said, "Thanks that was so much fun." Yes, we thought and what did it really take us to be willing to be in the present moment with her.  Everything else could definitely wait!

One down and many moments to go....