Courage and Croissants Original Cover Art Poster


If you love the cover and want to bring a summer afternoon in Provence into your home, we have created a 23x 23" poster for you to have. Each poster will be hand signed by the artist, Zoe-Pascale Roux. 








 Lavender can calm your nerves, help insomnia, bruises, insect bites and is a disinfectant. It is useful for digestion, which makes it desirable in culinary products as well

Made with 100% healthy, natural and organic ingredients.

-Contains the exceptionally clean notes of lavender from top to base with a touch of lavendin for the heart notes.

Lavender Creme





Herbes de Provence  

The Most fantastic mixture of herbes used as a major staple in the kitchens of southern France. This is the perfect gift for yourself or to give others. Each time (which is just about everyday) I cook with the herbes de Provence I feel like I am transported into the countryside filled with lavender and sunflowers

- Salt free French herb blend.
- Contains basil, oregano, parsley, thyme, lavender and herbs.
- Creates wonderful bouquet of flavor notes.
- Works great on poultry, lamb, vegetables and salads.