Coming of Age Challenge #7 National Mythology Exams

Zoe-Pascale has a love of Mythology and for a "stretch intellectual" challenge she participated in two National Mythology Exams sponsored by her school. Each exam is given to students from 6-12th grade  with Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Certificate Laureates. 

Rereading all of her mythology books, taking some practice tests and sharing her love of Mythology she won two awards this month. It is a combination of knowing the basics, like the Iliad and Odyssey and some specialities such as this year themes on Malicious Monsters and Monstrous Mortals. 

Medusa Mythology Exam -- Zoe received a Certificate Laureate  which means she received between 29-33 correct out of 50

National Mythology Exam - she received a Silver Medal, meaning she got about 96% correct answers. 

Congratulations to Zoe-Pascale for taking on this extra challenge (but one she actually loved).