Coming of Age Challenge #10: Finding a Voice of her Own

What else could you want for your daughter than for her to find a voice of her own. This past year, Zoe-Pascale has been studying for her Bat Mitzvah with a wonderful teacher. Through their philosophical discussions, debates and the study of Judiasm, she has begun to find a voice of her own. Unbeknown to us, this study has allowed her to begin to find her own beliefs, spirituality, and integration of all that she finds meaningful. The ability to integrate Greek mythology, history, philosophy, and Judiasm into something of purpose is byproduct we didn't expect.  

What this makes me wonder is maybe these rituals of study and learning are about the discussion, the debate, the learning, and the understanding. We were lucky enough to find a great teacher who directed her and listened to her; who debated with her and opened her mind; who let her believe and guided her. 

This challenges came slowly and as we see our daughter become a young lady we couldn't be more proud as she comes into ther own.