4 Stages of Coming of Age

Coincidentally, Zoe-Pascale's is studying Coming of Age, what it means and reading books that depict these types of stories. Synchronicity at work.  Through this she is learning that Coming of Age consists of 4 stages and has 9 characteristics (hey, I'm learning something too). Her favorite example of this is Harry Potter -- it is ripe of Coming of Age stories.
The 4 Stages
REALIZATION -- changing, emotional and mental preparation, growing
REMOVAL --- change environment, separation, experiment
CHALLENGE --- prove if ready
REINTEGRATION - back into society, rebirth, new status
Nine Characteristics of a Coming of Age experience or story
  1. Between the ages of 12-18
  2. Adults are either "bad guys" or not important  ( we warned her that this is normal if we are the bad guys from time to time.)
  3. Usually involves a journey of some sort
  4. Must confront your fears
  5. Conflict with a parent /guardian
  6. Learning something important
  7. Involving a test or challenges
  8. The ending may be bittersweet
  9. Scarification (there are often scars left - physical or/and emotional)