Building your Entrepreneurial Business
while living a balanced life

Integrated Business-Lifestyle Consulting
for women and men who are ready to step out on their own or grow their business while enjoying their balanced lifestyle

Build your Entrepreneurial business and live a great life too!


At some point in life, a decision is made that it is time to shift the way you are living and working to one that is more balanced and joyful. It’s no longer about climbing the corporate ladder or having work be the most important activity in your life, but it is about truly finding a way to have meaningful work and a lifestyle that supports your endeavors. This is where I can help you focus your expertise and work with you to create a business that is integrated into the way you want to live! 

For many professionals focusing on how you truly want to live and the work that invigorates you at this point in your life is a departure from what you have known. For many this shows up in a variety of ways from creating your own business, to working part-time, to shifting how and what you do for income. The cornerstone, however, is that the foundation is built on the lifestyle you want to live and integrated with the meaningful work you want to do.


The foundation to your entrepreneurial lifestyle business is the discovery of:


  • What is your Lifestyle Strategic Plan and Vision?
  • Who you are -- Your gifts, expertise, interests and passions?
  • What is your mission and purpose in life and as an entrepreneur?
  • Who is your audience and market?


With the foundation story set we will coach, guide and support you in creating the business, non-profit, or service you envision aligned with your values and goals and who you are. Once your life blueprint is solid, we nurture you to achieve each milestone to the full realization of your entrepreneurial lifestyle plan.


If you have been in business for awhile, but find that you are not focused, dissatisfied, need to rethink your business model or want to grow it to the next level (with your lifestyle in mind, of course), Dr. Suzanne can help you navigate successfully through these challenges.


Who is Entrepreneurial Lifestyle Coaching for?

Suzanne's integrated business and lifestyle approach might be right for you, if you are:

  • building a coaching, consulting, training, or professional service business and taking care of family members or just want time to live life as well as work

  • in a career transition and examing your options for entrepreneurship

  • of the age and experience that you don’t want to be tied down to a full-time corporate job

  • examining ways to create the lifestyle you want and do the work you love as you enter retirement

  • wanting to create a more balanced life doing work you love. 

Many mid-career professionals find themselves in a situation that life is no longer working. Your transition may be precipitated by an illness, a major catastrophe, a job loss, or a general level of discontent. Suzanne's coaching has focused many professionals on building a lifestyle business that integrates the best of the entrepreneurial spirit with joy and healthy living.

As difficult as it may be, these spiritual, emotional, financial, or identity crises are spring-boards for the next phase of life. It's not just about work, but on creating a lifestyle that works for you and your family in this next phase of your life.


Year One Business - Lifestyle Consulting and Coaching Process

The cornerstone of Suzanne's approach is to help you discover first what type of life you (and your partner) want to live and secondly what passions you have to create income as a result. For too many years it has all been about work first. It may be age, a change in your life situation, your economic and career situation or the business climate that is driving you. Perhaps you desire more flexibility, freedom and an opportunity to do it your way in a more balanced way. Perhaps you are involuntarily being forced to look at alternative ways to work and yet you have a notion that this is the opportunity you have been looking for to create a different way of living. If your dream is to live an entrepreneurial lifestyle, build a business, work part-time, market yourself as a coach, consultant, trainer, or professional service provider, Dr. Suzanne will help guide you in creating your entrepreneurial business and lifestyle.


Entrepreneurial Lifestyle Coaching combines the best of Life Coaching with traditional Small Business and Executive or Leadership Coaching. It’s equally about the lifestyle you want to live as it is about how you will make income and have meaningful work.

Following is a sample of a few important questions that will be discussed during the Entrepreneurial Coaching sessions. Each question will lead to goals, decisions, commitments, and actions to move you forward.

  • What is your passion, your expertise, your knowledge, your niche?
  • What is your purpose for having an Entrepreneurial business?
  • What type of business, business model and lifestyle will sustain you for 5-10-15 years?
  • Is there an audience and market for what you want to do?
  • How much income do you really need? How much do you want?
  • How much is it worth to have some more free time?
  • How much time are you willing to travel for the business?
  • Are there other volunteer, educational, or community activities you need to consider?
  • How much time do you want to spend with your partner, kids, grandkids or other loved ones?
  • How much time do you have to build a new venture?
  • How big or small do you envision the business?

The question comes down to not just what business you might want to create or how big you want your business to become, but also what lifestyle do you want to lead as an entrepreneur?


Building the Business Plan

It all comes together with the building of the business plan. The previous work becomes fine tuned with a clear mission and purpose and a focus on the audience and markets you want to serve.

Components that we will build out for your plan include the following:

  • Mission and Purpose
  • Audience and Targeted Market(s)
  • Your Brand and Business Promise
  • Comparative Analysis
  • Products and Services
  • Market Platform (your brand, business development, marketing, PR)
  • Business Model (revenue streams, service model, product delivery model, structure, systems, support)
  • Growth Plan and Revenue Goals 

Integrating your Lifestyle Plan

In creating your business plan we also examine areas in your life that you want to focus on to bring balance and an overall feeling of a good life. Included will be a focus on areas that are out of balance and how you can integrate and give them the time they need in your overall business and personal life plan. Areas to examine will include, but not limited to; health, creativity, learning, relationships, family responsibilities, spirituality, leisure, and personal goals.

Business Development Coaching

Many entrepreneurs find that ongoing Business Development coaching (especially in year two and three) is critically important as issues arise, problems need to be solved, ideas need to be tested, and emotions are high and low. Working with a coach provides the needed support that can often make a difference between success and spinning your wheels.




Dr. Suzanne Saxe-Roux, Ed.D.


Dr. Suzanne Saxe-Roux, Ed.D., entrepreneur and keeper of joie de vivre provides business and lifestyle coaching to integrate your entrepreneurial spirit with the lifestyle you want. Suzanne brings a wealth of knowledge and real life experience to her coaching and workshops. As previous CEO of a successful niche Professional Services Company, which she sold after fifteen years, coupled with her experience in training, executive coaching, and management consulting, Suzanne works with you both strategically and practically with a focus on achieving the results you desire.


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