Write a Simple Focused Two Page
Business and Lifestyle Plan, not a Book

Capture the essence of where you want to take your business, the strategic projects or services you want to build and the income you want to make. Using a few key words or phrases is all you need to focus on creating the business, services, and income you want.

The value of a one page business plan versus a lengthy document is that it actually gets used, is understandable, easy to write and update and manage. 

The Simpler the Business Plan the better

The key to a living business plan is to make it simple and clear. Your focus is to plan for what is critical to the growth and development of the business and then implement the plan with a laser focused approach.


Start with an Assessment

Assess the different areas in your business on a scale from 1-10 to get a big picture view of your strengths and where you might want to focus. Areas to consider include, but are not limited to: Business Development -- getting new clients, Marketing (social marketing, speaking, advertising, conferences), Sales, Service Delivery, Product Development, Operations/Administration, Human Resources (eg: hiring, professional development), Revenues and cash flow.

Examine which areas need the most attention and will provide the biggest payoffs to achieve the results you desire.


Business Plan Components

Your business plan should include the following components. Remember a few words, a phrase, a few bullet points is all that is needed.

  • Vision Statement  - What are you building?

  • Mission  - What is your driving purpose? Why do you exist?

  • Goals and Objectives -- What do you want to measure?

  • Strategies - What is your business model, the direction you want to go, the business activity , expected results and methodology on how it will be accomplished?

  • Action Plans - What needs to be completed by when?

  • Resources, Timelines, and Budgets
  • Measurement of Success

 Refine your plan and whittle it to one page. Review it with others, clarify, and finalize. Keep the plan posted nearby and refer to it each week to make sure you are on track. As needed revise and update.


 Your integrated Lifestyle Plan

Your second page is an extension of the business plan focusing on key components in all areas of your life to include; relationships, leisure, ongoing learning, creativity, health, and finances. Similarl you will develop your

  • Vision Statement  - What kind of lifestyle do you want to live?
  • Mission  - How do you want to show up in life, with family, friends, and yourself?
  • Goals and Objectives -- What do you want to do for yourself, your family, friends, and areas outside of work to keep you healthy and joyful?
  • Strategies - What strategies do you need to put into pace to achieve your goals and integrate them into how you live daily, weekly, monthly?
  • Action Plans - What needs to be completed by when?
  • Resources, Timelines, and Budgets
  • Feelings of Success

For assistance on writing a simple and clearn two page business and lifestyle plan, contact us to discuss how we can help or purchase the E-Books.