In 20 years time, we don't want to be saying.. "If Only."

I wanted to get in touch with you to let you now how much I am enjoying reading your book ‘Courage and Croissants'.  There are so many things that my husband and I can relate to. We are about the same age as you, we also live in the Bay Area, (Danville), we run a training consultancy and like you are contemplating a move to Provence, Uzes being one of our first choices! We share so many of your reasons for making the decisions you did and hope we have your courage. As you say in your book, in 20 years time we don’t want to be saying ‘if only’………….

We have already been brave enough to make a big life change, (so hope we can do it again), emigrating here from England in 1999. This was preceded by two previous job transfers here, first in 1985 to S California then in 1993 for 2 years to the Bay Area.

We love living in California and have wonderful memories and experiences as a result. However we feel disheartened with the pace of life, the cost of living, the ever increasing rises in healthcare, never mind all the money we have lost in the recent economic crisis. France speaks to our hearts because we believe we could simply our lives there, and really ‘live’. Have the time to explore our creative souls, have the time to spend two hours over lunch without feeling guilty, to travel in Europe, to get back in touch with the important things in life rather than the size of our cars, our home and our portfolios

We are lucky as we can be mobile, with our work we could be based anywhere (internet permitting!). Unlike you, we speak little French and we don’t have a home in France. We have spent many holidays there, both as children and with our own family. Having been fortunate to travel extensively around the world, southern France speaks to us more than anywhere else. We would love to be closer to England too where we have many dear friends and family. 

The only thing that is stopping us is the fear that we might be doing the wrong thing and most significantly leaving our children who feel they want to be here.  

Your book has inspired me to have the courage to put our fears aside and at least try for a year!   

Warmest Regards