Healthy Living goes healthier

Overall, I am a healthy eater except for the small addiction to black licorice that I can't seem to kick. However, this past few months I have decided that I need to pay more attention to healthy eating, avoiding any processed foods and moving from wheat based foods to gluten free and dairy to almond milk. Oh, and did I say -- avoid the sugar too! (Stevia is the only nonsweetener allowed).

I wish to say that I was so courageous to do this myself, but with a push from a "health scare" I have been working with a Naturopathic to ensure healthy cell growth, prevent cancer, and live a long and healthy life. 

The good news is that we now live in a time of gluten free products and even Starbucks has "Coconut milk," although a Coconut Milk Latte is not quite the same as my old Skinny Vanilla Latte Standby. 

My journey is taking me into cooking more and looking at quinoa as a major alternative. 

Recently, I came across a Quinoa pasta with Avocado and Basil dressing. It was almost like Guacamole on your pasta -- who would think? My shopping includes half a dozen eggplants in which I make Baba Ganoush which everyone loves and so easy to make. (Why I never did it before, I don't know). If you are interested check out  the site  The women who writes for it has amazing recipes for using quinoa. 

Speaking of Organic. I have always vacillated between buying expensive organic and saving money. Now I have a quick list of the dirty and clean fruits and vegetables to guide me. 

Enjoy and More to healthy living!