Nothing like a day in the Hot Tubs in February

Most of the US is under  snow, ice, and freezing weather and yet in Napa this weekend in February we had sunshine and more sunshine. Yes, we need rain, but sitting out at the pools of Calistoga soaking in the hottubs and embracing a deep tissue massage is one pure day of heaven. 

Jean and I decided to celebrate Valentines Day up in Calistoga with a day at the spa. Never sure what the weather is like, we knew the sulpher pools would keep us wrapped in warmth no matter what the weather. We love this place and have gone for years as the movement from the cold, to the warm, the hot pool is the perfect way to spend a day. The winter months are often a bit precarious as you never know the weather, but this day n February the sun was shining and we were able to lounge on the chairs, read our books, eat a picnic and dip in the pools at our leisure. 

The spa has changed over the years and since they remodeled they have a knew policy which is more limiting but still worth it. No more day passes on the weekends, but if you book a massage before 48 hours your fee includes a day at the pools. Combined it is so worth the money! For an extra $25 you can bring a guest ( a child or partner). 

The perfect Valentines Day and this one day I thank Global Warming for the sunny February day.

Suzanne Saxe-Roux