Creating and Admiring Beautiful Art

 told me the other day that instead of waiting for when he has time to enjoy his hobbies he was going to make sure he incorporated them into his life. Easier said than done I thought. But then I realized it was just a matter of making it happen. Throughout the years I have dabbled in pottery, sculpture, and painting. I let it go because of work, but realize that I am making too big of a deal and too many excuses and can find time to paint 30 minutes that leads to an hour or two on a Saturday afternoon. A simple canvas, my box of paints, and a standing easel are now my best friends. What I realize (once again) is that even though I love my work, it is not everything and I need to give myself permission to do something that isn't "productive" but just creative. 

Given that, I was with my good friend, Darcy Sears, a world famous sculpture who I have taken lessons from time to time. She has built her passion around the arts and has the most senuous sculptures to offer. What I love about her work is that she touches the feminine side of life and ignites in me an urge to create myself and to spend time admiring the beautiful art we have surrounding us.

Below is one of her angel statues that I think you will love and if you want to see her in full blown life, her next Winter Open Studios is December 6-7 at the ICB Studio in Sausalito. If you can't attend, visit her website at

Enjoy and find time to be creative!

Suzanne Saxe-Roux