Some days you need to just regroup

Today was a unique day in which I had an unexpected holiday (I didn't realize I had it off until a week ago). It's a day that was badly needed to recuperate and take care of myself.It's been one of those months where work seemed to have taken on a life of its own and breathing time was rare.  As the day started I remembered what it was like to have Friday's off when I had my own company. A day to regroup, do errands, get caught up at home and get your nails done. 

So I took this gift of a day and did just that. I took a walk with a friend, had coffee, had a pedicure, went to yoga, and came home and checked off items on my personal To Do list. I love my work, my company  and my job and yet, I reaize how these "free days" are truly a gift and needed.

I remember a friend who worked for a city government and if the month did not have a 3 day weekend, they create one. In most organizations, there are only 3-4 months without a 3 day weekend (March or April, June, August and sometimes October depending on what you celebrate). I say, create your own and take that personal or vacation day during those months and give yourself the respite we need in this busy world. 

For today, I say Thank you