The surprises that change brings

Picture this: Wake up to a beautiful sunny morning looking out upon the eucalyptus and pine trees, birds singing and geese flapping their wings. Dressed in yoga wear, step out 100 feet to the walking path, stopping for a breathless view of Mt. Tamalpais at its best,  through the wildflower field, across the bridge and through the community center park. Enter the yoga studio by 9, stretch, flex, downward dog, and more. Take another 15 minute walk back through the community center, over the bridge, through the wildflowers and up the Eucalyptus Knoll. 

The difference in walking down the hill to Yoga through the fields in the morning sun gave us a total different feeling of relaxation and regeneration. Later that day we went over to our pool, took a swim, a jacuzzi and read for 30 minutes. Another amazing surprise that moving has brought us. Overall, if we closed our eyes (and had someone else to bring us food all day) we almost felt that we were at a yoga spa where life is good and serene.

Who knew what new door would open up--- and change does bring some wonderful surprises. 

Suzanne Saxe-Roux