High levels of sugar in your diet damage your brain

I love my sweets as much as the next person, but after reading this another great reason to avoid those high fructose corn syrup sweets - avoid dementia

High levels of sugar in your diet damage your brain. by Dr Baylock, M.D.

New evidence continues to demonstrate this link.

In a recent study of 980 elderly people followed for four years, those with the highest intake of calories had a 50 percent increased incidence of dementia.

So why would eating lots of sweets and carbohydrates increase your risk of dementia?

Well, there are three scientific reasons:

Reason 1: Sugar dramatically increases your metabolism, and high rates of metabolism become a major source of free radical production. (Pesky free radicals damage your cells and impair their function.)

Reason 2: High levels of sugar in your body cause the sugar to react with various critical proteins, including enzymes that repair DNA damage caused by free radicals.  <https://www.newsmaxstore.com/newsletters/blaylock/offer2a.cfm?promo_code=D1E8-1>  

Reason 3: Continued high sugar consumption prevents your cells from absorbing the sugar needed to produce energy ˜ a condition called insulin resistance. Another recent study found a high incidence of insulin resistance in those with Alzheimer's dementia. The worst form of sugar is high Fructose corn syrup.  40 percent of caloric sweeteners added to foods and beverages are of high Fructose corn syrup.

So if you want to avoid this disease, you can see that minimizing your sugar and simple carbohydrate intake is crucial.

Suzanne Saxe-Roux