Taking a Sabbatical in Montpellier, France?

Montpellier, France 4 bedroom Apartment for Rent 

1 Week to 10 months -- 4 Bedrooms, 1 bathroom, Newly remodeled American style Open Living Room, Dining, Kitchen, Terrace with all amenities. Close to Tram line 2 in secured building.

Capital of the Languedoc-Roussillon region, less than 3 hours from Barcelona and Italy and just 11 km from the Mediterranean Sea, Montpellier is the ideal place to discover a high-spirited city and some of the most prestigious world heritage sites. Taking a sabbatical - this might just be the place for you.

A unique example of intelligent city planning in Europe, built by the world's leading architects, Montpellier is a destination that is also rich with 1,000 years of history. Here you'll find the old mingle with the new, the oldest still-operating medical school in the western world, medieval streets lined with boutiques of all kinds, where top international brands mingle with small boutiques that exude the charm of yesteryear. Add to this state of the art year round swimming pools, 3 light rail above ground tram lines that make the city accessible, bike paths, and a patisserie and fruit/legume store on every corner. 

A city with style!

Avant garde and open, Montpellier cultivates its differences and opens its arms to you. The city is a university town with nearly 70,000 students reside in the immediate area. Thanks to this youthful influence, there is an abundance of festivals, cafés and other experiences just waiting to happen. People of all ages take classes at nominal fees through the university.

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