Need a Mood and Motivation lifter - try classical music

Sitting in my office working alone last week I finally realized what was missing and why I was feeling sluggish and low. No, it wasn't my coffee cup (it was full) and yes my desk could use a clean-up, but more importantly what I had been missing was the classical music I usual played in the background. You see, my radio had broken a few weeks ago and I hadn't figured out what to replace it with as I needed to talk on my iphone and found music on my computer too loud and close to my ear. Wrestling with this I finally realized I had an old computer in the drawer and could stream endless classical music free from across the room. 

Amazed at how it made me feel I searched google and confirmed my feelings.

According to the Stanford study "The Rewards of Music Listening: Response and Physiological Connectivity of the Mesolimbic System," listening to classical music provides physiological rewards. Blood flow increases to several brain areas, activating autonomic, cognitive, and emotional centers, while another area of the brain releases dopamine. Dopamine is a chemical that, among other things, affects mood and the ability to feel pleasure. This dopamine release, occurring as the other brain areas interact, allows a heightened sense of well-being."

So if you have an old computer in the drawer pull it out and make it your new stereo system in your office and increase your dopamine without even getting out of the chair.