1 hour of Joy in an Airport

The big question as we sit in airports waiting for our flights to leave is; "What should I do?"

My choices like many revolve around:

  • catchup on email
  • eat
  • shop a bit if there are shops
  • buy a new book or read one you brought along
  • and eat some more


Today I arrived 3 hours before my flight and was exhausted already knowing that I wouldn't arrive home until midnight. What to do? Ahah I thought, I always walk by the xpress spas, but never quite have enough time to check them out. Tonight was different. I was semi caught up, had time, not hungry, and needed a pedicure. 

I headed down to the xpress spa and checked out the menu settling in on my own custom version of a pedicure and foot massage. A bit on the high side, but considering I needed the pedicure I counted the additional charges my luxury. Settling into the leader arm chair I saw the back massage button hanging off the side and grabbed it, settling in on the full back massage. "Let the chair do my back and the lady my feet," two for one I thought. Soon I closed my eyes and felt the woman place a warm blanket on me creating a cocoon feeling. I put on my ipod listening to some soothing music and slipped away. My feet were in heaven and the rest of me was in shock how good it felt. Twenty minutes later she saw me starring at the woman next to me who was receiving a face, head, and neck massage. "You want, she said." After a moment hesitation, a glance at the clock (I still had 2.5 hours to go). I nodded yes. Simultaneously my chair massage was kicking out the kinks and I was focusing on clearing my mind and thinking abundant thoughts (something I'm practicing daily). My cheeks, nose, forehead, ears, and scalp were tingling, my neck was relaxing and I was drifting off again. As she finished she said, "You can stay until we need the chair." "Fantastic" I replied, and fell back into the relaxing state I had been in for 45 minutes. An hour and 15 min later I left the spa with feet that felt like they were walking on pillows, bright pink toes, and an overwhelming feeling of relaxation and joy. 

The secret I realized was I had the time and I gained much more by lying in the chair longer with my ear phones on than I could ever have imagined. A gift from them to me. 

Next time you are in an airport and have 2 hours to wait, check out the spa and ask if you can sit in the chair longer!

We find some extra happiness wherever we can, and today it was in the airport.