Book Passage Speaking Event

Book Passage, Corte Madera, Friday night was standing room only. A dream we had since we started writing the book was to speak at the infamous Book Passage -- our dream came true and it was a ball of fun!

Recognizing that only 20% of the people had read the book we started (and planned) to tell the story by reading excerpts from a few stories. Back and forth we banted moving into the two major themes of the book and our message. 

1. Live your big dreams

2. Live everyday with joie de vivre. 

As we broke the participants into pairs to share their dreams, you could hear the sound amplify and both excitement, questions and a few forlorn faces peeked out from the crowd.

Questions such as; how do you truly make them come alive? what happens if you have too many? what happens if you have none? were shared. No matter what everyone left feeling someting. 

The subject of everyday joie de vivre resonated with the people of Marin as this is something they do aim for with our beautiful backdrop of Mt Tam, the Pacific Ocean, and San Francisco Bay. We all agreed, we were lucky to live in a beautiful place with such gorgeous nature and it was up to us to take advantage of it everday.