3 Simple steps to Reinvigorating your Life

Have you been feeling that your life is a bit mundane and maybe even a bit boring? Every day you do the same routine, walk the same path, drive the same road? Do you in fact notice how you also keep putting off doing things you truly want to do in life? Things that might seem down right foolish to others, messy, or a waste of time? 

September being back to school month is the perfect time to start something new, learn something different, or focus on reinvigorating something total useless but fun into your life. 

About 4 weeks ago, my husband brought home 2 baby chickens and announced that he has been putting off "having chickens" forever and he wasn't going to wait any longer. Evidently a woman at work gave him a few baby chicks who were going to hatch green organic eggs which he said would help us eat healthy and save money as well. At first I laughed and was somewhat puzzled about where the chickens were going to live, but saw the glee in his face as he took them out of their cage each night and played with them with my daughter. The fiasco with the French Poodle chasing themaround the living room kept us rolling in laughter for hours. 

Planning their pen, he bought the wire mesh, talked to a few people about protecting them from the racoons and carved out a space in the garden under a tree. Digging away his project was making him sing and the pleasure of these two little chicks were reinvigorating him after a busy day at work like I had never saw before. Last night he watched them for an hour as they explored their new pen and then as dusk settled walked into their makeshift house (a dog cage for now) waiting to be taken back into the house to sleep. In telling the story he was giggling like a little boy who found something he wanted all these years. 

His experiment is truly a reminder that we need to do what we want to do and stop waiting. Something as simple as having chickens or taking steps to learn how to paint, cook, or grow your own herb garden is often left for another day when we have more time. Yet these simple joys are what invigorate our lives and give them joie de vivre. 

So this September, I challenge you to think about reinvirgorating your life by doing the following:

  1. Think about what you have always wanted to do that will bring you joy, but have been putting it off. Reinvigoration is about finding new experiences and activities, not about buying new things which wear off quickly. 
  2. Take the first step by enrolling in a class, joining a group to help you get going, or purchasing the supplies needed (i.e. chickens). You don't have to have it all planned out, just get started.

  3. Give yourself 30 days to get involved in the activity and see how you feel. If it reinvigorates you continue for the next 30 days. Often the very thought that we have to commit for a long period of time is what stops us for beginning.

    Good Luck -- Bon Courage  and let us know what happens to your experiment.