5 Tips for Getting out of the Summer Doldroms

Summer Doldrums: Get out of Your Comfort Zone!   

Looking for something that’ll dazzle you, something that’ll bring joy and exhilaration to your days, your kids, and your entire family?  Something to liven up your summer days.

No need for anything fancy. All it takes is paying attention to the simple things that bring you pleasure and that are different from what you usually do. Like taking a hike on a trail you have never been on, visiting a new museum, planning a mid-summer costume party, or learning something new and creative with your kids such as painting. With more time to venture out (or in) think beyond what you normally do and where you normally go.

But in a culture where simplicity and stretching beyond our comfort zone is too often forgotten, this isn’t always easy.  Choose one of the following simple yet powerful tips on how to reclaim a good time exactly where you are:

  • Plan a party with your kids; decide together on the menu, the theme, the costumes, the decorations and get everyone involved.  (see previous blog on Royal Party)
  • Meet new friends. Invite someone different to join you on an outing or if you are on vacation, seek out other families to connect with.
  • Designate a day for each member (adult and children) of your family to choose what they want to do that day. The key is it has to be something different than the usual.
  • Do at least one new thing, visit one new place, interact with one new person.
  • Get creative; pull out the paints and canvas and paint en plein aire with the entire family.

Enjoying life and all the free time you might have during summer is all about finding “newness” in your local environment. Instead of dreaming of sailing in the Caribbean, take a sailing course at your local lake. Instead of visiting museums in Paris, visit your local museum or drive to a nearby city and take in the sites. Take the local buses around town instead of driving the car. The key is to get out and do something different. Change your place (within driving distance) and your pace.

 To live what we talk about this summer we have:

- taken sailing lessons in a small boat

- enrolled in a Ballroom Dancing Bootcamp and so far we have learned to Salsa and the Swing

- Visited San Francisco as a tourist - visiting Alcatraz

If you search online you can find a million things to do right in your backyard. Just remember, don’t do what you normally do, but get out of your comfort zone and bring some adventure into your life.