The Millenial Generation and their view on work

Survey results posted in the blog on Work throws light on not only the attitudes of work today by the Millennial generation (born between 1977-1998). 

There are 75 million members of this generation and have been/continue to be showered with  attention and high expectations from parents. They are confident, a bit cocky at times, self assured and use technology equal to brushing their teeth-- it is part of who they are.

They are just entering the workforce and will continue to do so for the next 10 years and bringing along new attitudes and expectations of how to work.

The survey illustrates something that is more akin to the entrepreneurial organization which collaborates, partners, and innovates daily.

#1. No more boardrooms with long wood tables, but instead King Arthur type round tables focusing on sharing responsibility and collaborating on everything. Directive management is out and transformational leadership with consensus is in.

#2. Stimulation is key. The need for change, learning, and more change is the #1 reason cited for changing a job over money or a promotion.

#3 Growing up in the internet and social networking era, the playing field is a democracy where the best ideas will rise to the top.

#4 The old idea that seniority and tenure will keep you safe is out... Watch out tenurship. Times are about to change once these folks become our political leaders. Authority is earned and proven through good ideas, interactions, and worth.

Examining these trends, they are so aligned with an entrepreneurial point of view that I predict more and more companies will be functioning like entrepreneurs and more and more professionals will be forming these type of companies with cultures that embrace work life balance, change, innovation, good ideas, and stimulation.