What being a mom comes down to

Yesterday was Mother's Day and I hung around most of the day with a bad cold (after dragging myself out of the house for a walk).  Surprisingly, the day turned out pretty good as I lay on the couch with my ten year old daughter as we read books together. What could a mom ask for more than a few hours of snuggling with her daughter and reading a good book.

Happily, she woke up to give me an amazing poem (written in French) and a painting that she did that was even more amazing.

First on the poem. --- The best part was that I understood every word and she loved that it rhymed in French.


(excuse the fact I couldn't put in the accents with this program)

Maman, je t'aime
Quand je te vois faire la cuisine
Je te dis felicitations!

Ton sourire est a revoir
Tes cheveux sont plus eblouissants que le soleil
Tue es la maman parfaite.

Tu es incroyable maman
Ce jour de fete je te dis bravo!
Je t'aime maman

Zoe-Pascale (age 10)

Maman, I love you
When I see you cook
I say to you, congratulations!

Your smile is a delight
Your hair is brilliant like the sun
You are the perfect Maman

You are an incredible Maman
This day of celebration I say to you, Bravo!
I love you Maman.


Suzanne Saxe-Roux