There is hope afterall

The passing of the healthcare bill is a step in the right direction for healthy living for everyone. Healthcare like education is of critical importance to individuals, famlies, organizations, and the economy. When people are not educated, growth can not be developed. When good health is not easy to come by everything else takes second place.

For small business owners, entrepreneurs, those in transition and many others this provides a safety net to move forward to live our dreams. If we are worrying about healthcare how can we have the courage to live our dreams, do great work, and make the place a better world.

In my coaching, the number one reason why I hear people stopping themselves from living their dreams, starting a business, taking time off, or making a career change is their fear of losing their health insurance. As a result of the Healthcare bill being passed it seems that one less obstacle is in the path of those who are looking to create the career/business/work and life they want to live.

As a result we will hope to see new businesses being started and more dreams being born! 


March 21, 2010