Create a New Years Vision Board (as part of your New Years weekend)

Creating a Vision Board is a yearly event for our family. This year we are adding a few twists I want to share. 

First, have a party or invite a few friends over and do it together. Tonight (New Years Eve) some dear friends are coming over in which each year we indulge in fresh cracked crab, salad with candied pecans, apples, and goat cheese, and hot baguettes with tapenade. Sitting on the floor in front of the fireplace we will spread out poster boards, color markers, magazines, and glue and create our vision boards for 2011. The party has just begun as we share, inspire, and laugh with a glass of champagne in our hands. 

Start with your Intentions/Goals for what you want to accomplish this year and add 3 actions

At this time of year we often start with our desire to  accomplish some feat, striving to exercise more, lose weight, or complete a project. Terrific, place these on your vision board, but go the extra mile and include 3 ways in which you will take action to make them come true. For example, instead of just writing, lose 10 pounds, draw a glass of water and put into your intention that you will drink a large glass of water at each meal. Make your goals manageable and achievable by focusing on the actions you are willing to take continually.

Add images that make you feel happy

The newest twist on the vision board based on the latest in neuroscience research  is to add images that represent states of how you want to feel throughout the year (i.e. happy, healthy, joyous, balanced). The key is to choose images that make you feel expanded, open, uplifted and down right happy. By focusing on how you want to feel you are not just measuring your life by how much you have accomplished, saved, made, or built, but how your life experiences have expanded your ability to feel happy, healthy, and joyous. You might be surprised to find that simple everyday activities provide you with the good feelings needed to attract whatever else you want in your life. 

Set your Intentions and imagine how you want to feel all year 

As you draw, write, or paste on images, it is important to focus on the things as if they exist. Paste images of you with family and friends, out in nature, or being physically fit. Use colors that make you feel joyful or scenes that bring you a sense of calm and peace or exhilarated and full of smiles. 

Once you have pasted photos or drawn the feelings you want to experience, see if there are actions you can take to move you in that direction. For example, I want to experience the feeling of laughter much more. For some this is natural and something they grew up with on a daily basis. For me, it has been something to learn and cultivate both physically and mentally. One small action I am going to take is to watch comedy and Saturday Night Live every week with my family. Something small, but an action that will support my intention to laugh a lot more this year. 

Focus your Intentions throughout the Year

Have fun this New Years Eve or Weekend and create a vision board with friends and family. 

Put your vision board in a place that you will see it on a daily basis. As you graze through your day, glance at it from time to time and it will confirm your intentions making it much more possible for you to move towards achieving your goals and creating the life you want to live. 

Let me know what you have created and I'd love it if you send me a snapshot of your Vision Board!

Examples of Vision Boards

Go to to see hundreds of examples of vision boards. Post your own and share it with the world.