5 Secrets to Blogging - It's a serious job

5 Secrets to Blogging 


If you are an entrepreneur, thought leader, coach, consultant, or someone who wants to share their expertise or experiences, blogging is an inexpensive, easy, and fun way to connect with your target market. Unlike Facebook or Twitter there is a lot of room to spread your message.

Given that, the question is why do millions of people sign up for a blog, start writing and it soon fizzles out. Look no further than your own reasons for blogging or not.

If you can say YES to the following read on:

¨     You are trying to draw attention to your message

¨     You are willing, able, and committed to consistently write about your topic (for years not days or months).

¨     You truly want to write and communicate about this topic on a regular basis.

If you answer yes to all of the above you are half way there to becoming a great blogger and reaching your audience. If you answered, no, think twice before blogging and instead focus on being a guest blogger on other sites.

Five Secrets:


¨     Decide on your topic area and describe it in your mission statement. For example, my blog is about “Healthy, Joyful, balanced Living at work and home.”
Yes, it is broad, but it is also limiting in that I don’t blog about politics for example.

¨      Create a Folder on your desktop for all ideas. Become a student of the topic; collect articles, blog ideas, news stories, websites, and more. If you start collecting ideas, you will never run out of things to write about.

¨     Write different types of blogs:
1. How To blogs – Use lists and more lists, short and sweet
2. Story Blogs with morals, key points, learnings
3. Links to other Blogs/Articles with the reason why your reader would like it
4. Guest Bloggers – get others involved
5. Reviews – Book Reviews, Workshop Reviews, Teleseminar or Podcast Reviews

¨     Add Photos – A picture speaks a thousand words

¨     Write and Post early.  Write more than one blog at a time and post them to be published at a later date on a consistent basis.  Find your routine for blogging and stick to it minimally once a week.

In the spirit of balanced living, blogging should be a key strategy for building your business and/or reaching your audience. More importantly, it should be fun to do. If it is a chore, drudgery or something that isn’t of interest, find someone else to do it (if it is important) or wait until you have the desire.