Wake Up and Get out with the Sunrise

We are now entering the last month when we still feel that the days are somewhat long. Take advantage of it and get up, get out, and take some early morning walks before the day starts. It will make all the difference in your energy and focus for the rest of the day.

This morning I decided to heed my own words and laced up my running shoes as the sun was rising and everyone was still asleep. Leaving the house at 6:15 felt glorious. It was quiet, calm, and cool. With the dog in tow I stretched my legs, let my thoughts go free, and dumped all my worries in the nearby sea. I nodded hello to the few people I passed, but mostly focused on just moving my body and feeling energized. Yes, it takes extra effort to get up a little earlier and then rush to get everyone ready, but by 7:15 I knew my day was already better.

By 11, I noticed that I was more energized and focused. By 1pm, I was thrilled by what I had already accomplished in the day. By 3pm,  I hope to be done!

So try it! Take this month to enjoy the extra long day as before we know it the days will be shorter and we wonder where all the light has gone!



Small JoysSuzanne Saxe-Roux