Sarkozy is pushing for Gross National Happiness Measure!

"Sarkozy is calling for a "revolution" in the way economic growth is measured so that happiness and well-being can be included in measurements. (AP Photo/Michel Euler, Pool).

This statement is amazing and fantastic. We are working furiously on finishing our book, From Rat Race to Change of Pace - a storyguidebook about creating the life you want to live through our time in the south of France. His statement is a phenomenal sign that what we are saying is supported by the world. Read a few excerpts listed on our website.

If Sarkozy can convince the other G-20 to sign up for this proposal it will be earthshaking. To move away from just measuring Gross National Product to Gross National Happiness and Well-being will be life changing for the world.

HappinessSuzanne Saxe-Roux