A Simple Thing to Do

I'm on a roll to find ways to experiment with simplifying our life and saving money. The adventure this month is hair. For years I have had my hair highlighted, weaved, and cut forking out a small fortune over the years. I estimated that I probably spent on just highlighting about $600 per year. Multiple that times the past 20 years and I could have saved $12,000. So, I thought let's experiment.

Recently I have been thinking about going darker, moving towards one color, giving myself a change. What's to loose I thought. It's not a tattoo that's permanent and it can always be reversed. A different look, a different feeling, cheaper than plastic surgery and a new me!

So a few months ago, I did it. I went to the hairdresser the first time and went dark. A nice chestnut with a bit of red tinge. A few people passed me on the street at first and then I was getting compliments. "Looks good," "Makes you look younger" (always like that one) and "Matches your eyes."

Now two months later in the spirit of simplifying and saving money, I decided to do it myself. In all my life I have never done it myself. I asked around for advice, read some web sites, checked out products, and decided to try. What did I have to loose but $10 and I could always go back to the hairdresser.

Searching for the right color I purchased the box of L'Oreal and let it sit on my bathroom counter for a week. Too nervous to open it I just passed it by day after day. Finally looking at my hair in the mirror. It's lackluster color and darker (versus grayer) roots, I said, "Today is the day."

Wrapping an old towel around my shoulders I slipped on the plastic gloves and mixed the color into the squirt bottle. Squirt, Squirt, Squirt.... Twenty -five minutes later I jumped into the shower and saw brown water flow down the shower drain. "Rinse until the water is clear," the directions said.
What had I done? I wondered. What had I done?

Drying my hair I could barely look into the mirror for fear that I would be a redhead, a purple or a person with black hair. Somehow I didn't quite believe the color on the box. As my hair dried and I styled it with my various round brushes, I began to see the shine come through. It was actually pretty nice. Wow, I like it. A few minutes later, flipping my hair from side to side I went into the living room to ask my audience (my husband and daughter) what they thought.

"Not bad." He said. "It's a bit bright, but I like it," she said.

So there you have it. I saved at least $50 (a full color is less expensive than highlights) plus tip and I have to say it doesn't look that much different than what the hairdresser did. On the other hand, I wouldn't chance giving up my haircut, but it feels good to find small ways to simplify and save and have a good hair day all at once!


Suzanne Saxe-Roux