Asking the Right Questions


The difference between asking questions and asking the right questions can make all the difference in your behaviors, actions, commitments and ability to create the life you want. I just finished a book by Debbie Ford, called The Right Questions that reminded me once again of the need to ask ourselves and others the questions that will truly make us think if we are making choices that support the lifestyle we want to live.


Questions have always come natural to me. In fact, when I was 9 years old I was nicknamed, “20 Questions,” because I asked so many questions of everyone. I love questions. I believe they are the lifeblood of the choices we make, the actions we take or don’t take, and ultimately how we live our life. Most of Debbie’s questions make us look inward at how the choices and decisions we are making keep us in the past or moving forward to living a healthy, joyful, meaningful life.


 The challenge most of us have is asking ourselves these important questions when we are making daily decisions and when we are contemplating bigger choices.

Over the years I have had friends, my husband, and professional coaches in different aspects of my life who have asked me these important questions. When Jean (my husband) and I ask these questions of ourselves life flows much more easily for us as individuals, a couple and a family.


At this time my husband and I have put our house on the market and wonder if it is the right time, will we get the price we want, and how long will it take? Whenever we get impatient we ask ourselves, “Will selling the house propel us toward the future we desire or keep us stuck in the past?” Without hesitation we know that it will propel us forward and it will happen in a way that supports us.


As a Professional Coach and Facilitator I find that these types of questions are the backbone of my practice. They propel clients forward, make them think and most importantly change lives.


If you are stuck in some area of your life or just want guidance, find someone who will be that coach (professionally or a friend/family member) and ask you the right questions to move you forward.