It's on the market!

Jean and I decided we definitely wanted to put our house on the market. The process of letting go started when we left for France and continues to this day. We probably should have sold the house 3 years ago -- but couldn't in the midst of a million other things to do. The decision today is not logical at least on the surface. It's a beautiful home (now that we have fixed it all up) with a great waterview, close to Zoe's school and things that we love to do. But for some reason it isn't making us happy. If we could put our fingers on it, we would. It's just an overall feeling of wanting to move on to more financial freedom-- more freedom from the mortgage. It's not even a big mortgage compared to some people who bought homes with nothing down, but it is enough that it's bothersome.  The irony is we have no idea where we are going to live if it sold. Marin, France, or maybe even New Zealand. Seriously we truly are taking it one step at a time and leaving the door open to create the lifestyle we desire.

Check out the website and send a buyer!!!