Get known for your book, work, or ideas

Public Relations is one of the most expensive items on any entrepreneurs Business Plan. However, due to some great new sites PR is easier to get if you are targeted and can write a good pitch.


If you are an expert, author, or have ideas you want to pitch, sign up for a few daily newsletters where journalists are asking for expert advice. In doing so, take time to write a good bio (as the journalists) will receive them and pitch only those that are in your sweet spot.


A new site I came across is and HARO (help a reporter out). You can sign up as a journalist (or blogger) and pitch your ideas as an expert.


Pitchrate's differentiator is that journalists will rate your pitches and let others know if you are honest, on target, and a good resource. As a result, be careful and take your time to make a good pitch.


I urge you to subscribe for a few weeks and see if anything interesting pops up. It's worth the free PR you might get and if you are a blogger it is a great resource to use for your own research.