The best meal in the world

Moules et Frites (or Mussels and French Fries) are a tradition along the mediterranean. A large black cast iron pot filled to the brim with Moules sauteed in a white wine sauce, roquefurt, or my favorite curry is nothing less than finger licking good.


It is not just the Moules that are fresh and not fishy tasting, but it is the time it takes to eat--- slow, slow, slow and the licking of fingers after each bite. The French Fries which I usually try to avoid compliment the fish as they are dipped into the sauce for added flavor.


Add a glass of cote du rhone and a view of the mediterranean and you have the perfect two hour lunch.


If traveling isn't in your plans, try this recipe, close your eyes and savor the enjoyment of being able to eat your entire meal with your hands.




Following is an easy recipe for making Moules (Mussels) from