Zoe-Pascale's First Affaire

June 18, 2008

The other evening Zoe-Pascale inserted into our dinner table the conversation that she has started an "Affaire" with Mathieu, a new friend that she has at school. A gentle boy who seems to enjoy the same things as Zoe-Pascale, we wondered or truly Jean and I looked at each other with a big "O" sound coming out of our mouths. "What is this about?" we said to each other. We aren't ready for this, she is only 7 1/2. She sounds so serious about it. So definite. We knew she liked him, but still???

"So Zoe-Pascale, tell us more."

"Tomorrow Mathieu and I will have our affaire."

"And what exactly will you do?" we responded

"You know," she said. "Tomorrow we will wheel and deal. We are going to bring our Diddl stationary and exchange it with each other. It is a big business affair."

"Oh, wonderful." We both said in unison.. "A business affair."

"So can we go buy a classeur (folder) so I can organize all my Diddl stationary and exchange it properly."

"Of course, anything for the business affair."

And the next day we heard it was very successful and the wheeling and dealing will continue.

Hopefully we have much more time now before the affaire of the heart!!!