Father's Day Poem

When we were young girls, my dad wrote us a poem on Father's Day. It was a poem that answered the question everyone asked him, Don't you wish you had a son?

This year, he sent us another poem 37 years later. I thought I'd share it with you..

Don't you Wish you Had a Son? by Jerry Saxe Part 2


37 Years ago I wrote you a poem
In answer to the question above, Don't you Wish you had a son?
Now 37 Years later, I am writing you again
On Fathers day with Happiness and Love


You have never disappointed me
To my life you have brought pleasure
So once again I want to say
Having daughters is beyond measure


A lot of things have changed in all these years
I say with laughter and glee
But no, I do not wish I had a son
All I want is just you three*


*P.S. and great son-in-laws and grandchildren