The Joy of Old Friends - Spring Vacation: Part 2

The weekend of Pach (Easter) our friends Mindy and Michael O'toole and their daughter Hannah came to visit. It was fabulous to see them again and relished in our great conversations, inspirations for each other, and time together. Being in a similar place of having a single child being exhausted from Corporate life and wanting to recreate their lives we had lots to talk about.






The beautiful fruit trees in bloom with Zoe and Hannah



Anyone want a perfect backdrop for a marriage. Pick a row of blooming fruit trees and lay down a red carpet. What could be more beautiful!!!







At the Vallee d'Eure on our Sunday picnic. Michael taught me how to make a daisy chain for Zoe-Pascale. Do you know how??? The perfect daisies grow in the grass in springtime and just for the picking you can make a great daisy chain!



with my french baskets in tow the two girls hunted for choclate easter eggs hidden in the grass. Hannah was then educated on the fact that in France there is an Easter Chicken not a Rabbit.  Makes sense since when do Rabbits lay eggs?


A beautiful day is cause for a visit to the Pt du Gard. Michael, who is English was thrilled as he remembered studying roman history when he was a boy and had always wanted to see the Pt du Gard. 
 To our surprise we found an extra little trail that took us higher and higer with a marvelous view of the river we love and the Pt. du Gard.