Surprise Visit from South Africa

A week before spring vacation we heard from Jean's brother, that he was taking his family (Elizabeth and their four daughters) skiing in Switzerland for one last family holiday before his daughter Lizzie gets married in June. As a long side trip they decided to our delight to come visit us for a night. On the eve of Passover Janus, Elizabeth, Lizzie  and Mardileif came to stay. The other two girls, Margaretha and Jana were coming into Zurich on a separate flight on Sunday as they had to finish exams. Within a 18 hour visit we explored St. Quentin, Uzes, had a sedar, ate well and enjoyed a great visit.



Lizzie, Zoe-Pascale and Mardilief (all Rouxs at least for another month)



Elizabeth (our sister in law,Lizzie, Zoe and Mardilief)


You can see the Roux resemblance




 Janus and Jean in Uzes



Passover dinner was a bit informal. Chicken, fresh farm aspargus, salad, homemade harroset (apples, honey, nuts, wine, and raisins), saltine crackers in place of matza (I couldn't fine matza anywhere in the area) and a seder plate. Our haggadah was a French/Hebrew children's version which was challenging with most people only speaking English and Afrikaans. As a result Zoe-Pascale read the entire haggadah with Lizzie's help (she is great in French) and Jean's interpretation. She even read the transliteration in Hebrew thinking that it was the most normal thing to read.


It was a great way to celebrate passover and have time to visit with our family from South Africa.


The next morning they hit the road at 7 am driving to Lucerne and then to Zurich to pick up the other two girls and head up for skiing in Wengen.  Next time we will plan ahead and go skiing with them in Switzerland.




p.s. I love Elizabeth's style. She is always so elegant with matching outfits and jewelery. The best was due to packing lightly she doned snow boots with her long skirt. Only she could pull it off!!!  She said it snow boots or tackies (tennis shoes) and the first won out!