Bonne Anniversaire - Spring Vaction: Part 4

The last weekend of Spring Vacation was also Jean and my birthdays and Zoe-Pascale's half birthday (yes this important in this family as it was with my Dad!)... We decided to take it slow and rented an apartment on the beach at Valreas des Plage near Beziers an area two hours west we haven't explored. The day we left it rained cats and dogs and continued to stay drab and grey on Saturday. But teaching Zoe the lesson (once again) you don't always have control we ventured out and made the best of the grey day. Taking a long walk on the beach we stopped to play on the robe swings and zip cord and let Pantoufle run wild on the board walk.  Off course only in France would they have a special place for the Canine to go to the toilet.






Heading off inland to the village of Roquebran we drove through Beziers and was surprised by all the upscale shopping, stores and historical center. A village that seemed similar to the size of Nimes. Further north we drove to a beautiful hillside village overlooking the Orb river. Evidently more and more English are buying in this area and it seen as the next Provence.





That night for dinner we went to the local restaurant and ordered Moules and Frites. Jean had a la roquefurt and I had a la creme. (Excuse no accents but the blog doesn't have them). Fresh from the sea we thought we died and went to heaven it was delicious. Zoe once having loved Moule but put off by it when she got sick sharing it with a friend who had gastro - and such she got sick had a bad association and has given it up for now. Steack Hache and pate for her with glace for desert.


Instead of cake we had a geviers. Lemon sorbet frozen inside a lemon. Jean had coconut. Coconut sorbet served inside a coconut... Great desert... I'll try making it at home one of these days.


Later that night we watched a French TV candid camera show together snuggled all up on the foldout bed in the living room.





The next day was gorgeous and we took another long walk on the beach and then headed slowly back through the winding roads past Pezanas. Stopping at Montepeyroux (another Roux town) we bumped into a wine festival and a charming town one could live in easily. The surrounding mountains, vineyards and distance close to Montpellier (going west) would be something to think about in the future.


Arriving home in almost 85 degree heat we cooled down, at a quick meal and went to bed to wake up for my birthday on Monday. Sometimes between getting home and going to bed I caught a cold. I just don't understand how it is possible? Money changing hands, a doorknob I touched, an unclean faucet.  I hate colds.. So I am postponing my birthday a bit and will celebrate more later this week. Meanwhile we thank everyone for the wonderful beautiful phone calls, cards and wishes.