September Recreation


Girls Week:  Jean flew to Texas to conduct his research and I told Zoe we could do whatever she wanted on the weekend. Her choice: Bowling?? don't ask me why, but she loves bowling. It must be as a result of the stories I've told her of Partner winning  championships for bowling and how the first time I bowled I got a strike. The difference now is the kid's guardrails give them the edge.


Sunday being a gorgeous warm day we took off for the river not sure what the water temperature would be. With Pantoufle hanging out on the water's edge we took off on the raft swimming in the tres refreshing water of the Gard. Before we knew it, Pantoufle (not one to be left behind) comes swimming out and jumps on Zoe's raft not to be pushed off again. Off , on, off, on, we pushed her and she kept coming back for more. I've never seen a dog like it. Can't stand to be alone for a moment.