A Place to Share

June-July 2006. When Jean and I bought our house twelve years ago we knew it was a place we wanted to share with our friends and families. We wanted people to travel to our village, visit and rejuvenate, explore and have time to talk and share, and grow just a bit by visiting us. Throughout the years we have been lucky to have shared our summer experiences with others we hold dear to our hearts. Having left California almost a year ago, our visitors have even been more important to us and special. Having time and space to relax on the terrace for morning cafe au lait and croissants or dinner and drinks has been a luxury for all. No one has to rush home, kids seems to fall asleep or be entertained by the DVD and the conversations seem to flow from personal to professional to politics to our goals and dreams for the rest of our lives.

Jean and I have also had to figure out how to enjoy our visitors while we are working on projects our research and writing,  have obligations and Zoe's many activities during the school year not to forget homework. Our main request is that people rent their own car so they are free to go on day trips without us around the area. This seems to work well and they are thrilled with our recommendations. The long days and evenings allow us to chat in the morning and evening making it seem like we have two days in one.

Since we have been here we have had many visitors from California; Granny and Partner and Carrie Messina in the fall. Nick Clayton came for a day to say hello and with Kirsten and Darcey, not only did we have a great time visiting I had time with them on a journey to Barcelona (see earlier blogs). In June and July we have had Beverly, Elliot and Sammy and Nico and Connie all from Marin.

Our goal has always been to share this place and we are so happy to be able to do so. To enrich others as we have been enriched.

Suzanne Saxe-Roux