Child’s Play – the perfect day for play

Child’s Play – the perfect day for play

June 2006, zoe and perrine at collias.jpgOne sunny day we took a long walk by the river from Collias. Stopping for a picnic, Zoe and her girlfriend, Perrine decided to test the waters and play in the mud. Watching them play, build mudpiles, holes, and castles we realized this was a snapshot of how childhood should be. Playing in nature with what was available around them, using their imagination, giggling, and making up stories. For four hours we sat and watched them play; no plastic toys, no grand collection of dolls, no game that made one child win or lose, nothing but themselves and sun, water, and sand. If only it was so easy all the time.

Not a fight, not a whine, not a whimper until we said “Allezi, It’s time to go home.”

And then they left smiling with a promise of a glace (ice cream) on the way home.

zoe and perrine at collias 2.jpg

Suzanne Saxe-Roux