A thousand year old olive tree and friends

Pt. du Avignon with Kathy and Erin


Pont du Avignon is our favorite spot to bring friends. Kathy Collard, a dear old friend and her daughter Erin came to visit (her daughter was finishing a semester abroad in Ireland) for a few days

On Sunday when we went to Avignon it was a bit drizzly and cool as you can see whereas the day before was a bright sunnyday.


Here we are on Saturday on a hike to Pont du Gard where we stand under an olive tree that was planted in 932. A thousand year old tree is unbelieveable. We saw one for sale later that day in a nursery for 1,500 Euro. If anyone is interested in a grand olive tree, this is the place to come and buy one.thousand year old olive tree.JPG


As you probably noticed in the photos, Pantoufle is with us everywhere. She was however was turned away from going into a movie theatre.. Hey we thought we would try.. what can I say. 


kathy and erin.jpg 

Suzanne Saxe-Roux