Meet Zoe-Pascale's new puppy, Pantoufle


 Zoe-Pascale has been wanting a puppy for a long time now and is thrilled to have Pantoufle join us in our family. She first thought of the name Pantoufle (which means slipper in French). Before picking her up from her family,we reviewed many names but came back to Pantoufle as the perfect name for her new female, apricot Caniche Nain (or minature poodle in English).Here she is on a walk next to the Gard River in Collias. She loved her first look at the river and playing in the sand. Zoe-Pascale and Pantoufle are trying to get warm in the sun and stay protected from the cold Mistral winds.Already we can tell she is a loving, family dog that is very clever and affectionate. Pantoufle is playing with her look alike which happens to be a Beanie Buddy toy dog. After a few trys she caught the ear and realized it was not her brother she missed.

March 2006 Pantoufle 036.JPG

This is a face anyone could love. She is relaxing on Jean's lap getting her ears tickled.Next on the agenda is to take her to the vetenarian and get her shots and passport. Yes in France they give the dogs a passport with all their informaton so where ever you travel your dog can come with you. The french are so clever sometimes it amazes me!!! 

Suzanne Saxe-Roux