Costumes and Dances of Morocco

February 2006 Morocco Marakkech 104.JPG Costumes and Dances of MoroccoOne evening Zoe-Pascale came home from Mini-Club announcing that she had tried on a variety of costumes, had chosen one, and we all had to rent a costume to dress up for the evening in Moroccan style. Getting into the spirit we went all out, rented clothes and dressed for the evening dinner and events. Below you will see pictures as well as some of the dancers from the show. It was terrific and the child acrobats in particular were amazing to see as they twisted and somersaulted doing incredible acts while guests clenched their teeth in anticipation. February 2006 Morocco Marakkech 111.JPG
Jean and I decided to go with the flow and rented costumes for the day evening as well as the kids. Why should they have all the fun?
February 2006 Morocco Marakkech 101.JPG
Suzanne Saxe-Roux