A new family member - a little puppy - Pantoufle

On March 10, we will become the happy owners of a new family member, une petitie chiot (a little puppy) Pantoufle (meaning slipper in English). The chiot or puppy is a apricot caniche nain or a poodle - not the smallest size but the next size up. The pictures show Zoe-Pacale with Pantoufle and the maman as well as her brothers and sisters. We are all very excited and responsibilities are being divided up. Zoe-Pascale has agreed to help me pickup the poop by giving me the bag, but doesn't want to pick it up herself. This is a big lesson in responsibility as she continues to negotiate and thus far has agreed to feeding the puppy, helping me with the poop, washing and brushing, and walking the dog with me or Jean. Jean has made it clear it is Zoe's dog and he will help as he wishes, but don't expect much... we shall see .. Zoe-Pascale is still negotiating with him.collage2.jpg 

Suzanne Saxe-Roux