Truffe Festival in Uzes

truffle fesitavel 2006.1.jpgThe famous Truffle marche in Uzes .Demonstration of the dogs and pigs finding the Truffle's. They sold for 850-1000 euro a kilo.Information on Truffle from website follows:Perigord black truffle is named after the French province. Perigord's limestone plateau is an ideal site for black truffle production. Truffles grow naturally in woodlands, and their presence is signified by the lack of plant life at the base of the trees. These bare areas are referred to as terre brul� or "burned ground"Perigord black truffles start to grow in spring and summer, and they are harvested from December through February. Several different methods are used for finding truffles. A pig or dog is used to help locate the truffles. Dogs, of course, can be trained to find most anything. Pigs, specifically sows, are naturally attracted to truffles because they emit a steroid similar to a pheromone produced by boars pre-mating behavior. Pigs can be challenging because they will fight one for the truffles. In France, another long-practiced method for finding truffles is avec la mouche or "with the fly". When ripe, swarms of flies can be seen hovering over the area where truffles are growing.It is because of the unique aroma and taste that truffles are much sought after, and command up to $900 per pound, depending on the species. Another factor which determines the high prices is the increasing demand and the low production. At the end of the nineteenth century, the French produced 1500-2000 tons of truffles per year. Now it is estimated that only about 120 tons of truffles are produced annually worldwide...�2002 Garland Gourmet Mushrooms &TrufflesWebsite designed by Jennifer CoryBest viewed with Internet Explorer 5+! 
Suzanne Saxe-Roux