Suzanne's Sister Comes to Visit

Sept 2006.  All the way from San Diego, my sister Cynthia and her husband Michael came to visit. Spending time with Zoe-Pascale was a major priority along with shopping in the marche, having long lunches together, indulging in the pain du raisin and hot croissants and talking through the evening catching up on life.

DSC04633.jpg  Hanging out with a cafe creme in Uzes. What a way to start your day!











Mike and Zoe buying croissants and a baguette
Cyn walking Zoe to school with Pantoufle



Mike and Zoe-Pascale buying croissants and a baguette before school




Jean and Mike relaxing in a cafe..You'd think this is all they did.. Well you are right!



Cyn in the Marche.

DSC04680.jpgI haven't had a matching hat with my sister since I was about 8 years old. 

Suzanne Saxe-Roux