December at a Glance

December was a blue sky month in the south of France. Cold, but blue skies. So cold, that by the first week in December Zoe-Pascale and I had to buy new winter coats as our SF winter coats weren't making it. Everyone here kept exclaiming "pas normal, pas normal." "It's not normal to be so cold in December." Isn't that what we are all saying about weather around the world.. nothing seems to be normal anymore. In addition to the coats, we invested in some large, super duper propane heaters as we do not have central heating in our house. For those who do, be grateful as you don't realize how wonderful central heating is until you don't have it! At some point we will have to upgrade or get a new house as it is hard to eat dinner in your gloves (just joking)!!!The Holiday season starts a bit later in France and is still bright with lights and Fete du Noel, but not as commercialized or done on such a grand scale. In fact many of the children received presents on St. Nicolas day earlier in December.As you will see above we have enclosed some pictures from our December in France and wish you all a wonderful 2006!!!
Suzanne Saxe-Roux